Total: Polypropylene food containers

Polypropylene Lumicene Random from Total uses a material based on proprietary metallocene technology to produce rigid food packaging that features a unique combination of cleanliness, ease of processing, and quality optics as well as food compatibility, and sustainability benefits.

Pw 53592 Total

The food packaging product range offers ultra-low extractables and organoleptic properties to give universal grade status for food packaging from refrigerator to microwave usage.

Converters can achieve high productivity as a result of 150 MPa more rigidity, and reduced cycle times as a result of higher fluidity. Downgauging of between 4-8% has been proven, according to the company. With Polypropylene Lumicene Random, molding precision is high and reproducibility between shots is improved. All these characteristics contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the packaging.


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