Individually shrink-wrapped sweet corn

Cob is precooked and ready to reheat in Japan.

Pw 47919 Smg Corn Package 03

It should come as no surprise, now that there are individually wrapped bananas, potatoes, and eggs, that there would also be prepackaged, single-serve sweet corn. At least in Nagoya, Japan, where you can buy the husked, precooked, and ready-to-use or reheat shrink-wrapped corn at the ¥100 Store (the equivalent of a dollar store in the U.S.) for the obvious price of ¥100/USD $1.28. Wrapped and ready to go, the corn’s easy-peel shrink film is printed with a green husk and a red bow accent that add a nice finishing touch to the pleasing graphics. Every sample of corn we viewed was in impressively pristine condition.

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