Ice cream coned and individually packaged

Protected in cone-shaped rigid packaging.

Pw 44973 2 Ice Ceam Cone1

An old familiar product is packaged in a cool new way: Branded under 7-Eleven’s parent holding company in Japan, 7-i brand soft-serve ice cream is sold prepackaged in individual rigid containers. Found in a convenience store in Nagoya, Japan, the single-serve ice cream cone is offered in two sizes, priced at 168¥/USD $2.15 for vanilla and 198¥/USD $2.53 for strawberry. The two-part package includes an opaque white base with a hand-hold base and a clear snap-on top. Who knew soft-serve could be served up and packaged in rigid plastic? Factoid: According to Wikipedia, Japan has more 7-Eleven locations (12,925 of 39,153 stores globally) than anywhere else in the world.  

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