Metsä Board Corporation : New lightweighting options for kraftliners

The updated grammage range of Metsä Board’s Kemiart Lite+ further widens the range of double coated grades already available with the company’s Kemiart Graph+ line, meeting the increasing demand for lightweighting.

Made from fresh forest fibers, Kemiart Lite+ meets the need for lightweighting without compromising strength properties. Kemiart Lite+ is mainly used in flexo post print processes.

The wide grammage range of Kemiart Graph+ provides opportunities for producing lighter packaging structures in all corrugated applications. Flexo preprinters in particular may benefit from the lowest grammages. The strength provided by fresh forest fibers combined with the printability of Kemiart Graph+ meets the demand for lighter packaging with improved branding.

The new double coated grades, Kemiart Graph+ and Kemiart Lite+, in addition to Kemiart Ultra and Kemiart Brite, provide options for lightweighting in all possible corrugated categories, applications, and end-uses.

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