Wilmington Machinery, Inc: Plastic pallet molding system

Wilmington Machinery introduces the LUMINA #PM-5 Dual Clamp System.

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The new LUMINA #PM-5 features two separate clamps. Each clamp has a mold for a one-piece double deck heavy-duty rackable and stackable structural plastic pallet. A common two-stage injection system sequentially fills both molds.

During operation, a common traversing top-entry robot removes the pallets automatically and places them onto a common conveyor. As with Wilmington Machinery’s six other LUMINA Pallet Molding Systems, the new LUMINA #PM-5 Dual Clamp includes molds, mold chiller, robot, plastic raw material blending/loading and all other accessories.


Advantages of the LUMINA #PM-5 system include:

• System costs approximately 25% less than a large single clamp molding machine system with dual molds.

• Pallet quality is superior and pallet cost is lower.  Different pallet sizes can be produced concurrently.

• Mold change is possible on one clamp while the other continues in production.

• Production ranges from 400-500,000 pallets per year per system.

• System include the molding machine, mold(s), robotics and all accessories

• System is ideal for companies making pallets for sale or for internal use.

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