MULTIPOND America Inc: Weighing system

Multipond’s S5R option (individual head reject system) replaces hand placement of individual ingredients, fully automating the assembly of ready-made meals.

Pw 5225 Webmultipond
The S5R option is designed for single piece weigh counting, the weighing of a small number of pieces, or small target weights. Available on a number of Multipond multihead weighers from 16 heads to 36, the unit is based on a standard twin memory hopper weigher. The outer memory hopper is replaced by a second pivoting funnel which can either deposit product into a "good combination" or divert it to a reject position. Using this solution there is no loss in weighing efficiency as rejects are evacuated on an individual head basis while the rest of the weigher continues weighing. The rejected product can be manually or automatically fed back into the system reducing waste. The S5R can be fitted to a section of the weigher for mixture applications of combined ingredients.

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