Brecoflex Co., L.L.C.: Metal parts for belt drives

Brecoflex delivers metal parts for the timing belt industry in less than one week.

Pw 5377 Webbrecoflex

Made to order timing pulleys, flat belt pulleys and idlers, as well as clamps with and without holes, are offered in many pitches. Stock pulleys with pilot bores as well as stock tensioners and tensioning clamps, are available for immediate delivery. Brecoflex’s metal parts mesh high precision timing belts for high belt drive accuracy. Tensioning clamps are designed to set up pretension in linear drive applications. Pulleys with special tooth gap design--normal backlash, reduced backlash “SE” and “0” backlash--are available in T5, AT5, T10, AT10, T20 and AT20 tooth configurations.

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