Curwood: Chlorine-free shrink bags

Curwood’s Eco-Tite® shrink bags high-barrier shrink bags use 33% less packaging material than conventional shrink bags, while requiring less space and cost to transport.

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The shrink bags completely eliminate PVdC. Made from a strong, thin, heat-resistant coextrusion, the bags allow 25%-33% light-weighting of materials for improved product-to-package ratios. The bags also offer advanced barrier, puncture and abrasion resistance to protect products and eliminate food waste. Twenty-five percent more bags fit in a box for less shipping, corrugate, and warehouse space and cost. Bags seal cleanly and reliably at lower temperatures, and offer wide sealing window and improved seal integrity. Bags resist sealing or sticking together if overlapped in vacuum chamber. Eco-Tite® Shrink Bags also provide clear presentation that showcases products.

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