Pactiv: Pactiv: Innovative single-serve package/utensil

FROM PACK EXPO 2008: Snapsil has unveiled a new and innovative single-serve package that also serves as a utensil.

Pw 6121 Web Snapsil

This unique single serve package is easy to open—it can be opened with one hand—easy to dispense, and serves as a utensil to complete the usage occasion. It offers a new and unique way to package products and enhance the consumer experience.

Package inventor Snapsil Corp. ( has teamed up with the Optima Group, Pactiv, and Power Packaging to launch the package within the U.S.
The Optima Packaging has engineered and manufactured the packaging machine, Pactiv will produce and supply the Snapsil packages, and Power Packaging will operate the line and will package products in the new Snapsil for its customers.

For more information, see Machine produces package/utensil in one.

By Tim Brown
Senior Associate
Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions

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