Flex America Inc: Panel-less hot-fill PET

Constar's Vertical Compensation Technology™ (VCT™) produces PET containers using an innovative, panel-less hot-fill technology.

Pw 6763 Webconstar
VCT technology provides PET bottles and jars with the look and feel of glass—no “crinkly” label feel—giving it a sensory advantage over six-panel hot-fill PET containers. Constar’s VCT technology employs distinctive geometry to address the natural stresses placed on PET bottles and jars during the hot-fill process. Designed using CONSTruct engineering software, the need for vacuum panels is eliminated by allowing the bottle or jar to flex vertically to compensate for the vacuum created in the hot-fill process. One of its major benefits is improved productivity during the filling process as the smooth sidewalls and rigidity facilitate the high-speed application of roll-fed labels.

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