Shure-Glue: Hot melt units

New low-cost D4-E Series Gear Pump Hot Melt Units from Shure-Glue/Melton are suitable for case sealing and product assembly ranging from light- to medium-duty and low- to high-volume applications.

Pw 8588 E Shure Glue

Unit features a positive displacement, motor-driven gear pump that offers a continuous pulse-free output and may be used with spray, ribbon coating, direct contact, and high-speed jetting adhesive dispensing guns. Available for 120 or 240 VAC operation, unit includes easy-to-use LCD control panel. Specs include programmable sequential zone start-up, automatic temperature setback, high/low temperature protection, high-pressure protection, Fahrenheit or Centigrade option, and 7-day programmable clock.


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