Conveyor Systems, Inc: No-stretch conveyors

The Schüco Design SL series of innovative conveyor systems is a rapid and secure conveyor solution for use along the entire production process.

Meaning “stretch line,” the SL series prevents the conveyor chain stretching as a result of operation, thereby reducing downtime by eliminating the time-consuming process of shortening the chain. A minimal bend radius allows sharp curves with minimal gaps, averting crushing or jamming of products and reducing the space required in production. Minimal chain pitch allows for quiet transportation of products that tilt easily, such as bottles, cans, boxes, machine parts, and other piece goods at speeds to 80 m/min (262'/min). High chain tensions allow route lengths to 30 m (98') and total loads to 200 kg (440 lb). Chains are available in 65- and 90-mm widths.

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