Cryovac: Cryovac: Reclosable packaging for shredded cheese

The Multi-Seal® FoldLOK package from Sealed Air’s Cryovac® brand uses adhesive technology to help consumers easily and reliably open and reclose shredded cheese packaging multiple times without needing to completely remove the top or use zippers.

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To open, consumers completely peel off a perforated strip, revealing the opening across the top of the package. To reclose they simply fold the top of the bag over the strip and the materials stick together to seal the package. The package can be reopened and closed more than 10 times and still retain its adhesive qualities.  Retailers benefit from the product’s easy display and efficient use of retail space, resulting in the ability to stock more product on the shelf. Package runs on existing equipment with minimal alterations and results in a 2- to 4-in.reduction in materials in most cases. Holds 6-oz. to 2-lbs.
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