Sensor Products Inc: Sensor film verifies and calibrates contact pressures during equipment set-up and maintenance

Sensor Products’ Fujifilm Prescale® is a tactile pressure indicating sensor film that is used to assess and correct sealing die pressure at the interface between sealing jaws and rollers, and reveal potential weak spots, channels and wrinkles at the actual heat sealing surface.

Pw 2233 Websensor
Films measure pressure distribution and magnitude from 2-43,000 PSI (0.14-3,000 kg/cm2) between heat-sealing platens and rollers. When placed between contacting surfaces, Prescale® instantaneously and permanently changes color proportional to the actual pressure applied. No instrumentation is required but imaging is available for even greater detail. Used to verify and calibrate contact pressures during equipment set-up and preventive maintenance. By assessing these pressures, packaging integrity can be ensured. Film conforms to straight and curved surfaces, and can be hand or laser cut to any size and shape.
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