Sacmi USA: Plastic cap compression press

Designed and developed mainly for the lightweight single-piece HDPE cap market, Sacmi’s CCM48SB plastic cap compression press provides enhanced productivity in the production of caps for water, hot filling and CAF (cold aseptic filling).

Pw 2234 Websacmi
The advantages of the CCM48SB compared to the company’s previous version, the CCM48SA, are:  reduced cycle time--just 2 seconds as opposed to 2.4; reduced energy consumption:  CCM48SB => 0.4 kWh/kg; reduced maintenance times--all parts subject to preventive maintenance have been carefully assessed and redesigned to minimize the number of necessary tasks, and parts have also been optimized to reduce the time needed for required tasks.  Equipped with a mold suitable for the production of single-piece HDPE (high density polyethylene) caps--S29W-3 type with a 29 mm diameter and a weight of just 1.25 grams. Compact design makes integration with other machines possible.
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