Glue Dots International: Low-profile, pressure-sensitive adhesive micro-dots

Small MatrX from Glue Dots International is a pattern of pressure-sensitive adhesive micro-dots engineered for applications that demand low profile adhesive solutions.

Pw 26887 M Glue Dots

Available in 1⁄4- and 1⁄2-in. wide permanent adhesive patterns, with a thickness range of 3-5 mils.  Applies smoothly and delivers all the same properties of Large MatrX in a smaller footprint. Addresses the concern for a more cost-effective adhesive with less waste and increased productivity.  Pressure-sensitive micro dots are a faster, easier, and safer method of substrate-to-substrate bonding. Safer than hot melts, cleaner than liquid glues, and provides clean cut-off with no residue or waste. Intended for use in conjuction with the Dot Shot Pro.

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