Avery Dennison Corporation: Vent for bags of pet foods and lawn/garden products eliminates contaminants

Two way air release valve from Avery Dennison reduces trapped air in flexible packages and prevents contaminant entry.

New FlexisTM Air valve technology from Avery Dennison allows flow air flow in and out of flexible packages – for either dry or perishable foods.  In the filling of flexible containers of products like pet food or granular items, air becomes trapped inside, can cause irregular shapes, wasted space or packaging ruptures. With this new venting technology, activated by positive pressure, excess air is expelled after the package is sealed; storage space is reduced and  the pallet load is stabilized. Two way air flow equalizes air pressure and allows package to reinflate for consistent shelf appearance.  Contents are secure, protected from dust, mites and contaminants by a protective filter. The low profile valve can be applied with conventional label application systems.

For pet food applications in larger bags, trapped air can cause pallet destabilization and a shopworn package appearance. The common industry practice of creating small relief holes permits entry of mites and insects, leading to product infestation and loss. This new FlexisTM Air system provides protection during shipping, storage and consumer use.  Applications include Industrial dry goods, lawn and garden products, garment and apparel as well as home storage.
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