Domino: Digital label printing

The N-Series line-up from Domino incorporates both standalone label printing presses and modules featuring scalable print-width for OEM integration.

The N600 digital label printing press offers 1200dpi nominal print resolution with a native resolution of 600dpi and four grayscales operating at a leading edge 50-75m/m using durable UV inks. Machine is capable of printing onto a range of paper and plastic label stocks.

The N600 label press can also be configured to operate in-line with a digital finishing solution, such as those produced by GM and AB Graphics, via dancer roller web infeed. Standard features include automatic head cleaning; if the printer is left inactive for a period of time it will automatically go to the cleaning station so the print nozzles can be flushed and then parked. The fluid management system cycles the ink in order to further reduce the risk of nozzle blocking requiring maintenance. A range of optional quality assurance measures includes vision systems for tracking registration and color density.

The capability to handle as wide a range of substrates as possible is afforded by an optional corona treatment module. The majority of industry label stocks can be used without the need to pre-treat and the durability of UV ink jet means over varnishing is not always necessary.

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