PakTech: Handle applicator

PakTech’s continuous motion, multi-purpose applicator, the MPA60 runs 60 cycles/minute.

Pw 4802 Webpaktech
PakTech, an official integrator of Fanuc Robots, uses 5-axis Fanuc robots to apply TwinPaks to the MPA60, allowing the applicator to run different handle styles. The robotic arms and heads provide flexibility in application—the Alpha machine has two arms that apply TwinPak handles to every-other case. The Integrated Vision System identifies position, orientation, and speed of incoming product. This information is fed to the robot arms which adjust to the location of each case. If a case on the line is askew, the robot arm senses it and rotates accordingly. Standard PakTech applicator components include stainless steel frame, automatic cue stations, and touch-screen operations.
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