Wexxar Packaging Inc, a division of Pro Mach: Motion-enhanced case former

Wexxar Packaging’s motion-enhanced pin & dome system on WF30 case formers provides reliable, consistent case forming with varied quality and types of corrugated--including recycled.

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The FestoTM electro-mechanical servo system makes continual, automatic adjustments to the pin & dome case opening motion to help ensure speed is maintained, regardless of corrugated quality, thickness, or case size. The servo system also makes the WF30 more energy-efficient and is now standard on all WF30 machines. The servo system ties into an advanced Allen-Bradley CompactLogix control platform with built-in Ethernet, allowing for a machine to be diagnosed and its software to be uploaded remotely where network capable systems are available. Depending on case size, the WF30 forms up to 30 cases/minute, and is available with tape or glue bottom sealing.

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