Multisorb Technologies, Inc: Oxygen scavenging packets

Multisorb Technologies’ FreshPax® System combines FreshPaxoxygen scavenger packets in spooled form with high-speed dispensing equipment.

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Composed of food-grade materials, FreshPax protects packaged foods against spoilage, rancidity, and mold growth while maintaining color, flavor, and texture. FreshPax reduces and maintainins oxygen levels inside sealed packaging at less than 0.01% to extend product shelf life and reduce the use of artificial preservatives. The packets are dispensed from Multisorb’s Active-Pak Automation equipment which features a packet spool supply system offering automated nitrogen purge with nitrogen supply and oxygen level monitoring/alarming. This option ensures that scavengers will deliver their full capacity at the point of insertion. FreshPax oxygen scavenging technology can be used with gas flushing and vacuum packaging to absorb virtually all oxygen that may permeate the package. FreshPax has been found to be effective when used with many kinds of packaging materials including EVOH and PVDC and can be adjusted to fit specific packaging needs.
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