Norland International: Small-bottle PET blow molders

Norland International’s Freedom Series small-bottle blow molders are now capable of processing the new 26.7 mm preforms.

Pw 5902 Webnorland
A conversion kit for the company’s full line of Freedom Series small-bottle blow molders to handle the new 26.7 mm preforms is available. The conversion kit is optional for new models and can also be retrofitted to existing blow molders in the field. The new preform design takes gram weight from the thread finish by making it shorter, while keeping the standard overall 28 gram weight to maintain bottle durability for the finished product. The result is a cost-per-bottle savings that can be up to 15 percent, with no loss of body strength. A full line of Freedom blow molders for small bottles (50 oz/1.5 L), with models capable of producing from 1500 to 4500 bottles per hour, is available.
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