Kliklok-Woodman: Kliklok-Woodman: Top-load carton closer

The new Vari-Straight top-load carton closer from Kliklok-Woodman is a straight-line closer for tri-seal cartons.

Pw 6901 E Kliklok

To provide a controlled carton turn without a change in direction, the unique turning bed features pop-up turning bars that capture the cartons and guide them through a 90-deg turn and into the charlotte closing section. The inherent slip and timing issues associated with conventional “lugless” carton closures are eliminated. Features include Insight® color touchscreen HMI, patented Variable Pitch carton transport, easy 3-D carton size changeover, stainless-steel construction with rugged, welded, tubular steel frame, and off-the-shelf servos, drives, and machine controls. Phone: 770/981-5200 | www.klikwood.com

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