Eriez Magnetics: Grate magnet

The Eriez® Model P Grate Magnet is a versatile, powerful magnet designed especially for odd shaped, round, oval and rectangular-cornered hoppers.

Pw 7418 Weberiez
When in operation, the Model P’s optional deflector bars positioned over the magnetic element act as baffles to deflect the flow of material onto the magnetic tubes where iron contamination is then trapped and held. These built-in baffles control excessive speeds of material, and help maintain a smooth, steady flow. Installation of the Model P Grate Magnet is simple. The magnetic grate is placed in the hopper with the tier bars against the sides of the hopper. Maintenance of these non-electric permanent magnetic units entails periodically lifting the unit out of the hopper and wiping it clean of ferrous accumulations.
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