Laser Tools & Technics Corp.: Laser marking

LMD, a laser marking machine developed for various usages, is now available from LTT (Laser Tools & Technics Corp.).

Pw 7921 Lasertools

To meet the demands of diversification, prompt delivery, and complicated graphics, LMD is convenient to use, and now has been applied widely to the marking processing of electronic products, wire and cable, automotive parts, and various packaging applications. LMD performs diversified character marking such as barcode, various signs, date code, progressive increasing or decreasing of step counting, graphic, and can be widely applied to various industrial marking demands. It is capable of performing extremely small character marking of 0.3mm, precision reaches 0.05mm. Coordinates with turning platform and conveyor belt, and allows user to select straight line or arc arrangement, alter character marking direction, or mark with bold/thin font, italics, or customer-developed font types.

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