Norwood Marking Systems: Hot stamp coder

The Compact 40/25 CL hot stamp coder from Norwood/Allen achieves up to 150 prints per minute in a frame measuring 132 x 20 mm (5.2 x 8.1 inches).

Pw 8092 Webnorwood
The compact coder can be easily integrated with a wide range of host equipment including primary labelers, vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal systems, thermoformers, overwrapping systems and other packaging equipment. The coder can be controlled with or without an operator interface module, prints on a wide variety of substrates, accurately indexes the same length of foil from start to end of the reel, and offers a standard quick-change foil magazine that reduces downtime associated with ribbon re-threading.  The 40/25 is available with an optional IP65 rating.
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