International Dispensing Corp.: Multiserve safepack

The Answer™ is an aseptic dispensing tap from International Dispensing Corp. that is featured on a

Pw 8113 M Intl Dispen
new flexible package platform—the Multiserve SafePak, which is currently available to brand owners of beverages and liquid foods. Multiserve SafePaks enable shelf-stable liquids in large-format packages to be dispensed safely and repeatedly over extended time without refrigeration or power. Critical to Multiserve SafePaks is The Answer, a proprietary, user-friendly, 5-part injection molded dispensing technology that prevents microorganisms and oxygen from compromising product safety, nutritional value, and taste—even during unrefrigerated, repeated use. The Answer keeps product shelf-stable throughout its use-life, from first serve to last, without refrigeration or

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