Alpha Packaging: PET ovals

Alpha Packaging has introduced a new line of narrow-neck PET bottles for the personal-care products industry.

Pw 8933 M Alpha Pkg

The Vale Ovals family includes a range of sizes in a classic, yet contemporary style suitable for hair-care products, serums, and body splashes. Bottles’ rounded shoulders follow a sleek line down to a narrow oval base. Sizes include a 50-mL bottle with an 18-415 neck, a 125-mL bottle with 24-415 neck, 250-mL bottles with either 24-410 or 24-415 neck, and 450- and 1,000-mL bottles with 28-415 necks. All sizes will be stocked in amber and clear, with other colors available upon request.

Phone: 314/427-4300

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