Eastman: Copolyesters

Eastman introduces Cristal Revēl™ copolyesters, a new line of proprietary post-consumer recycled content (PCR) compounded polyesters for cosmetic applications.

Cristal Revēl™ sample products
Cristal Revēl™ sample products

Cristal Revēl is designed to meet a diverse set of needs in color, processing and mold thickness and delivers sustainability without compromising many of the performance benefits of The Glass Polymer™ family of cosmetic materials.

For current PETG users, Eastman Cristal Revēl with 40% PCR content processes like PETG and molds thick parts between five and 15 mm without crystallizing. Compatibility with the PET stream means it also features a compelling end-of-life story—all in a single-pellet solution.

These new sustainable materials will participate in the circular economy via Eastman’s recently announced unique recycling technology loops: mechanical recycling stream technologies, carbon renewal technology and advanced circular recycling.

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