Cortec: Desicorr Pouches NW

Specially designed desiccant pouches protect sensitive components from damage and failure both in storage and in transit.

Moisture is dangerous to sensitive components. Its effects such as rust, mildew and mold can cause an overall decrease in product efficacy costing millions in returned or unusable products each year.

Cortec’s new Desicorr® Pouches NW help prevent this damage by absorbing the moisture that builds up inside packaging. Desicorr is a specially designed desiccant pouch that comes in a windowed or windowless form.

Whether the main concern is efficient absorption or knowing when to recharge or replace a pouch, Cortec's Desicorr Pouches NW wick away moisture to protect sensitive components from damage and failure.

Pouches protect products whether in storage or in transit, and work for products of virtually every industry requiring moisture protection, including medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Pouches come in cartons of 300 units.

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