Valco Melton acquires PaperCor

Valco Melton acquired Brazilian-based PaperCor de Comércio de Importação e Exportação Ltda -EPP as a subsidiary of Valco Melton.

The acquisition was made as part of Valco Melton’s strategy to expand its scope of offerings to customers in Brazil and Latin America.

Greg Amend, CEO, and Chairman of Valco Melton defines the acquisition as a significant step as part of the company’s vision for global expansion. “For many years, PaperCor has been a key distributor for Valco Melton in Brasil - so Valco Melton is excited to the see the company’s anticipated growth in this very important part of the world.”

Kiiti Isogawa, General Manager, PaperCor looks forward to the continuation of the promotion of the Valco Melton product line that he has enjoyed over these past 18 years and will be joined by Jocimara Mateus, Customer Service Manager, and Rosana Oliveira, Customer Service Representative.

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