Berry Global sponsors Pacific Northwest secondary sorting project

Berry Global, Inc. announced its sponsorship of the Pacific Northwest secondary sorting demonstration project. The project is a 60-day recycling demonstration managed by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) that involves installing a portable secondary sorting system where selected materials from four regional materials recovery facilities (MRFs) will be further sorted.

This innovation will help capture the value of six additional streams of recyclables which would have otherwise become waste.

Berry’s involvement with PLASTICS and other sustainability partners is part of the Company’s three part sustainability strategy, Impact 2025. The Company uses Impact 2025 to focus on three key areas as it relates to sustainability: products, performance, and partners. “At Berry, we believe strongly in the value of plastics. When post-consumer plastics are not recycled, that value is lost. Through this project, we plan to demonstrate the ability of a secondary MRF to capture the value of materials, like PP, that many existing MRFs may not have the capacity, throughput, or technology to sort. Projects such as this are critical as we work to ensure all of our products can be recycled and transition toward a more circular economy,” states Robert Flores, VP of Sustainability at Berry Global.

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