Pregis wins SAP innovation award for process innovation

Pregis was honored with a Process Innovator award in the 6th annual 2019 SAP Innovation Awards competition.

Pregis wins SAP innovation award for process innovation
Pregis wins SAP innovation award for process innovation

The award is given to companies that best demonstrate the use of technology to redefine business processes and drive significant improvements to current operations.

“An ongoing goal is to transform packaging operations with smarter connected devices. We want to maximize the value harvested from protective packaging systems to help companies run their operations more efficiently,” explained Jeffrey Mueller, vice president and chief information officer, Pregis.

Pregis is deploying SAP Connected Goods with Edge Services and SAP Analytics Cloud to help manage Internet of Things enabled devices it maintains at customer distribution centers.

“The result is a digital system that uses machine and consumption data to help customers improve packaging productivity. Additionally, the system alerts our technical experts so that they can address mechanical issues before they become problems,” said Mueller. “Machines that are smarter, better connected and require fewer service calls are critical to supporting the companies that depend on our equipment to get their products to consumers and/or to other industrial locations.”

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