PPC Flexible Packaging obtains G7 certification

PPC Flexible Packaging, LLC, announced its newly acquired G7 certification status.

Renowned as the next big thing in printing technology and innovation, G7, delivers maximum quality and provides close to, if not, exact color matching. Each order placed with a G7 certified print company will follow a streamlined procedure, allowing accelerated turnaround times, while implementing strict quality controls throughout the process.

G7 is an internationally recognized system designed to calibrate and proof printing press systems, ultimately raising the standard of color matching. G7 has become the industry leader in requirements, guaranteeing consistency and precision across all collateral. It does this by selectively adjusting CMYK levels on printing devices in order to make the colors match. G7 calibration can be performed on virtually any printer or imaging device, as long as it’s performed by a certified G7Master. In simple terms, G7 makes standardized proofing and printing easier – providing higher quality. More importantly, PPC Flexible Packaging has incorporated G7 as part of its ongoing efforts to commitment to quality and consistency.

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