Matrox Imaging Vision Academy Fall 2018 Software Training

Matrox® Imaging's Vision Academy is offering classroom training on the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software development kit (SDK) and the Matrox Design Assistant integrated development environment (IDE) at its headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

Matrox Design Assistant
Tuesday, October 23 to Thursday, October 25, 2018
Early-bird registration: Save 20% by registering before October 12

The three-day training offers instruction on how to quickly and easily configure and deploy vision applications using the Matrox Design Assistant flowchart-based vision software. Attendees will learn how to construct a flowchart, choose the best analysis and processing tools, set up the operator view (HMI), and interface to automation equipment like PLCs. One-on-one time with experienced Matrox Imaging technical staff will ensure an immersive, highly-informative educational experience.
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Introduction to the MIL/MIL-Lite Environmentm
Monday, October 29 to Thursday, November 1, 2018
Early-bird registration: Save 20% by registering before October 19

The three-day course provides a general overview of MIL/MIL-Lite, explaining how to set up the development environment, manage image buffers, perform image capture, and do image display. The course involves practical hands-on workshops to help develop the understanding and skills necessary to solve real-world imaging applications. An optional fourth day is available for one-on-one application-specific discussions with experienced Matrox Imaging technical staff.

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