Domino to bring ‘Digital Printing Spectrum’ event to Label Expo

Domino will bring its ‘Digital Printing Spectrum’ open house event to Label Expo 2018, welcoming attendees to “See More. Learn More. Do More.” with a complete Schedule of Events and a line-up of well-known guest presenters.

Digital Printing Spectrum
Digital Printing Spectrum

Within the Domino booth will be the ‘Spectrum Brew House’ where attendees can enjoy a morning coffee or an afternoon beer while listening to educational and informative presentations from a wide-range of industry professionals including label printer converters, industry trade associations, industry trade publications, suppliers, OEM partners, and Domino.

“Label Expo provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to see equipment and products. In addition to that, we want to take it to the next level by providing attendees an educational opportunity to learn more through various presentations they can enjoy and benefit from. Our tagline ‘See more. Learn more. Do more.’ speaks to this,” says Bill Myers, Marketing Manager of Domino Digital Printing North America.

Attendees will be treated to something new and different every day of the show, with a line-up of guest presenters speaking on important industry and business topics. And ultimately, the purpose of these presentations is to help answer the questions that attendees have coming to Label Expo.

“If you come to Label Expo, you do so because you want to see and compare technology, you want to network with industry colleagues, and most importantly, you want to get answers to the questions you have. We believe that by having these presentations from some of the most highly respected people in the industry, we are helping attendees get those answers. So, when you visit the Domino booth you will be able to have a full experience of seeing proven, reliable technology that has been engineered and built to make you money. You’ll be able to watch live demonstrations of world-class equipment. You’ll be able to hear industry professionals speak on important topics, and of course, with the hospitality of coffee and beer, you’ll be able to have a bit of fun as well.” says David Ellen, President of Domino Digital Printing North America.

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