Pregis joins How2Recycle coalition

Pregis LLC has joined the How2Recycle coalition to help simplify recycling instructions for consumers.

How2Recycle logo on Pregis air pillows
How2Recycle logo on Pregis air pillows

“For many packaging material types, there is consumer confusion regarding recyclability and disposal. The How2Recycle approach uses labels printed directly onto the packaging material which gives the consumer specific recycling instructions,” explains Tom Wetsch, chief innovation officer, Pregis. “The goal is to reduce consumer confusion and increase the amount of material that can be reclaimed and used in new lifecycle applications.”

Initially, Pregis will be printing a How2Recycle label on its low-density polyethylene EP Flex film which is made into air pillows and widely used in e-commerce applications as void-fill. The film’s ability to stretch as opposed to pop offers puncture resistance and makes it ideally suited for a wide variety of product types.

The How2Recycle label on the EP Flex pillows directs consumers to take the material to a retail store for recycling. The label also includes the How2Recycle website address where consumers can put in their zip codes and find nearby stores that will accept the material.

How2Recycle was created by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition to prevent valuable recyclables from reaching landfills, as well as reduce confusion by creating a clear, well-understood, and nationally harmonized label that enables companies to convey to consumers how to recycle a package. The goal is to provide a labeling system that follows Federal Trade Commission Green Guides and increases the availability and quality of recycled material.

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