Berry Global champions charge to highlight the possibilities of plastics

Berry Global Group, Inc. took steps to drive the discussion around the broad and significant benefits of plastics at the World Petrochemical Conference in Houston. Tom Salmon, the company’s Chairman and CEO, presented alongside other industry leaders.

“It is time for us to tell a new story. A new story about the progress that plastics has supported. The promise plastics holds for everyday lives around the world. And the potential to transform the human experience. It’s time for us to speak with a strong and unified voice about the Possibilities of Plastics,” Salmon said.

Salmon, on a panel with other plastics and petrochemical industry leaders, engaged in an impassioned and powerful discussion about the positive ways plastics are impacting lives every day. Salmon pointed out the gap in perspective between how the industry sees itself and how those outside the industry view plastics.

“Plastics in healthcare, food preservation, agriculture, and an array of other industries, is creating products that help save and improve lives every day,” Salmon said. “And in terms of sustainability, the impact of lighter weight plastics that require less energy and carbon emissions to produce, as well as growing rates of recyclability and use of recycled resin, these facts reflect how plastics is making a substantial positive contribution around the world.”

Berry is encouraging the industry to take a more collaborative role in educating consumers of the benefits plastics can provide. Berry launched an internal program called Plastics Ambassadors to lead education and advocacy among its employees and internal stakeholders, and the Company is engaging with resin suppliers and other partners to work together strategically to tackle this challenge more broadly.

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