PakTech promotes new recycling program

In order to ensure that our handles are properly recycled, PakTech has set up a collection bin at our Eugene location at 1680 Irving Road.

PakTech recycling bin at Oregon facility.
PakTech recycling bin at Oregon facility.

Here, during regular business hours, consumers can drop off their handles to be recycled as intended. PakTech is committed to doing our part to help ensure that our 100% recyclable handles are recycled. With the help of our community, the sustainability (Use & Re-Use) cycle of our products will be achieved.

Recently, China’s “SWORD” initiative resulted in challenges to recycling facilities that don’t have the latest technology to properly sort and clean commingled plastics for export. This, in turn, is making it increasingly difficult for consumers that want to recycle as much as possible. Case in point are PakTech’s 100% recyclable HDPE #2 plastic handles. Although they fall under the #2 Plastics category (same resin category as milk jugs and having been manufactured out of 100% HDPE #2 recycled resin), Lane Apex and SaniPak are unable to accept and process them commingled from curbside.

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