Applied Motion Products: Support for Modbus TCP

Applied Motion Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Modbus TCP support across a wide range of drives and integrated motors. Several product families from Applied Motion Products now support Modbus TCP, the widely used industrial Ethernet protocol.

Support for Modbus TCP
Support for Modbus TCP

Modbus, with its simplicity and widespread acceptance by PLC and HMI platforms, enables numerous benefits when paired with Applied Motion drives and integrated motors. By mapping Applied Motion’s proprietary SCL commands to Modbus opcodes, machine designers have access to the full motion capabilities of Applied Motion drives. This offers far more sophisticated levels of control than is typically possible from PLC-based pulse control signals.

It is also possible to launch stored programs over the Modbus connection, which further extends the performance capabilities when compared to a conventional step & direction control scheme. Stored programs are written in Applied Motion’s Q programming language.

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