Hexacomb opens second manufacturing facility in Mexico

Hexacomb Corporation, manufacturer of paper-based protective packaging and graphic display boards, has opened a new manufacturing facility in central Mexico.

The facility, located in the state of Querétaro, will be manufacturing Hexacomb’s full line of paper-based honeycomb protective packaging products, including sheets, runners, edge, and corner protectors.

“Due to the sizeable demand in Mexico for HEXACOMB products, we have added a second manufacturing facility there. We have helped many Mexican customers, who range from large multinational corporations to smaller regional companies, to lower their total system costs by switching to Hexacomb honeycomb,” said Scott Daniel, president. 

Hexacomb had been supplying its customers in central Mexico from its Monterrey facility, which is located in the northeastern part of the country. With Hexacomb’s business growing in central Mexico, the new manufacturing facility is ideally located to support the needs of that region.

The additional Hexacomb honeycomb production output will address growing demand from multiple market segments including automotive, glass, spinning mills, appliances and food/beverage.

“It’s important to locate a manufacturing facility in close proximity to our customers. This has a positive impact on both speed-of-delivery and freight costs and is in keeping with the environmentally-responsible nature of our product line,” Daniel said.

For companies looking to improve sustainability, Hexacomb honeycomb is an environmentally-responsible alternative to foam, expanded polystyrene, and other petroleum-based products, because it is made primarily from renewable wood fibers and is typically recyclable. 

Hexacomb honeycomb offers superior construction and performance compared to wood and corrugated materials, according to the company. The product also offers excellent strength, superior cushioning and blocking/bracing for a wide range of protective packaging and other applications.