Lenze Americas: Servo inverter

Well-suited for material handling systems, Lenze’s Servo Inverter i700 features extremely short cycle times, 32-bit signal resolution and an overload capacity of more than 200% to make the new i700 equally suited for simple positioning tasks and highly dynamic, precise, multi-axis applications in handling and packaging machines or robot applications.

Pw 40273 I700

Designed to be used with the Controller 3200 C.  The reduced space requirement, lower number of components, and simple ease of assembly help deliver a significant boost in productivity. 

The i700 single-axis and double-axis modules offer a power range from 0.37 to 15 kW, along with appropriate power supply modules.  Plug connectors enable easy wiring.  Under normal operating conditions the power supply modules do not require filtering or DC fusing, and have a built-in dynamic brake  chopper.  Intermediate electrical connections between the i700 drives are cable-free, using an innovative rail system, and are easily installed by setting connector arms.

A variety of i700 cooling technologies, including cold plate, push-through technology, and panel mounted units, are available.