Hydrocarbon-free aerosol

Responding to a mandate by California Air Resources board to reduce volatile organic compounds in consumer products, EarthSafe™ dispensing system from Crown Holdings provides an alternative to traditional aerosol technology that uses hydrocarbons as a propellant.

Pw 6765 M Crown Holding

Suitable for personal care markets and shaving gels, the system replaces the hydrocarbon typically used, thereby reducing the product’s overall VOCs. Developed in cooperation with Ultramotive Corp., the system employs a patented, universal, tamper-proof grommet that creates an airtight seal; a multilayer barrier piston using Eval’s EVOH to eliminate gas permeation; and an advanced valve technology that allows complete evacuation of the product at a consistent flow rate. Recyclable package is available with a 52-mm-dia size in several heights.

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