Lightweight PE tubing

Now available from New Age Industries are 2 types of PE tubing: an LLDPE formula and a style co-extruded with EVA.

Pw 8582 M New Age

Both are made from nontoxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards. Can be used for air lines, chemical and fluid transfer, food and beverage processing and distribution, and pharmaceutical processing. The lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive LLDPE tubing is chemically inert, forming a good barrier to gases, vapors, and moisture. It is stocked in translucent color in 12 sizes ranging from 0.17” to 11/2” dia, doesn’t transfer odor or taste, and offers good dielectric properties. The PE-lined EVA performs much like the LLDPE tubing, while offering greater flexibility and the ability to substitute for PTFE fluoropolymer tubing in applications involving working temperatures below 100ºF. Stocked in 9 sizes from 1/8” to 1” dia in translucent material.


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