Qosina Adds Over 400 Products to the NEW 2016 Catalog

Qosina is pleased to announce the NEW 2016 Qosina Catalog featuring over 5,000 stock components on 516 glossy, full-color catalog pages.

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This book is a complete resource guide for medical OEM, pharmaceutical, kit packer and other industries. Parts are shown in full-size on a one-centimeter grid for accurate sizing. This catalog highlights over 400 new parts added by Qosina such as connectors, clamps, clips, flanges, spikes, syringes, tubing, valves and much more. The catalog is formatted for easy product look-up by category in the table of contents or by keyword and part number in the index at the back of the book. There are a broad range of in-stock products available for all of your design needs.

Among the 400 plus products added to the Qosina line this year are enteral feeding connectors, also known as ENFit™ connectors, that meet the ISO 80369-3 standard and will not mate with the ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 luers. The offering includes: male and female connectors, caps, stepped adapters, Y connectors, stopcocks, cross spikes, universal bottle adapters and syringes.

Another notable feature of the latest Qosina Catalog is the more than 90 Compression Fittings in various sizes and configurations. Qosina carries straight, elbow, and T, with or without NPT threads as well as accessories for them. FEP (Pharmafluor®) tubing is also available to work with the Compression Fittings. In addition, Qosina has added a large selection of Bioprocessing components, including: PharmaLok™ clamps, sanitary fitting end caps, flanges, sanitary flanges, bag ports and tube to tube connectors.

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