Bostik launches new anti-fog heat seal coating for flexible packaging

The Vitel 1922AF reduces fogging from moisture-containing food products that must be refrigerated.


Bostik, a global adhesive company, introduced a copolyester heat seal coating formulation that prevents fog from building up in flexible packaging for refrigerated foods during PACK EXPO International 2018 in Chicago.

The Vitel 1922AF is a 100 percent solids formulation designed for PET lid stock and formulated to reduce fogging from moisture-containing food products that must be refrigerated. With low blocking and good slip properties, this heat seal coating features excellent clarity and seal strengths, providing a smooth yet strong peel from PET trays once sealed.

In addition, the Vitel 1922AF is designed to help streamline manufacturing processes. By incorporating anti-fog additives into the formulation, Bostik’s heat seal coating helps converters eliminate the need for a second processing pass to add in the anti-fog coating. While Vitel 1922AF is designed for extrusion and coextrusion processes, Bostik says it can adapt the manufacturing process to specific customer needs.
“By understanding consumer needs for extended food freshness and enhanced product visibility coupled with converter needs for streamlined processes, Bostik saw an opportunity to develop anti-fog heat seal coatings that successfully address common issues while improving overall packaging performance and aesthetics,” says Corey Schoenherr, business development manager.
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