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Jumex contour can crosses the border

Grupo Jumex, headquartered in Xalostoc, near Mexico City, Mexico, has been busy cranking out one shaped can variation after another (see story, p.

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70). Now the company has shipped its first shaped-can offering to the U.S., a "contour can" for its line of Jumex nectars. Sporting a simple paneled barrel shape, the three-piece welded steel cans began appearing here in Hispanic markets in September '97. An earlier design, which had strength reinforcement ribs, is being phased out because the company has located a source for stronger steel can stock, according to marketing manager Lawrence Boro. The suggested retail price of 59¢ did not change, despite increasing the fill volume from 335 mL (11.33 oz) to 370 mL (12.5 oz). Why? "We wanted to give more product to the consumer as a benefit," says Boro. Apart from acknowledging that Grupo Jumex manufactures (and shapes) its own cans, the firm was mum on suppliers and technologies involved.

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