P&G's new club store pack

Procter & Gamble recently turned to PakTech to create a handle for its Downy Simple Pleasures 52-oz bottle multipacks for Target and BJ’s Club Stores.

Pw 11772 We Downy

The TwinPack handle from PakTech connects the two bottles together at the neck. The handle is injection molded of high-density polyethylene and offers a smooth surface for easy customer handling. The custom pearlescent handle (shown) is color-matched to the bottles' overcaps.

Introduced in August 2004, the handles combine two bottles of vanilla and lavender or water lily and jasmine. P&G decided to go with the PakTech solution because of the low cost and short lead time, says Jodie Zaveri of P&G.

“PakTech handles were seen in club stores for many different products and are viewed as a win with consumers,” she says. “The short lead time and ease of working with PakTech helped with the launch of the Downy Simple Pleasures TwinPack at the same time as the launch of the 35-oz and 52-oz [individual] sizes.”

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