The bottled water trend

With brands like Dasani and Absopure now selling their water PET bottles in MeadWestvaco FridgeMaster® multipacks, some bottle water manufacturers are shifting away from the more traditional shrink-wrapped multipacks.

But whatever the method, the goal remains the same: bottle water marketers need to add value to and distinguish their product from the competitors.

With more and more consumers purchasing bottled water, packagers may find themselves struggling for ways to stand out from the rest. According to newly released statistics by Beverage Marketing Corp., U.S. bottled water sales and consumption is rising as consumers increasingly choose bottled water over other commercial beverages. Sales grew by 6.4 billion gallons in 2003, resulting in a 7.5% increase over 2002. Many bottled water manufacturers are choosing to differentiate themselves by finding alternative packaging.

“Packaging really makes or breaks a product. In today’s speed-thirsty world, having a package that reaches out to the consumer can really boost your sales,” says Glynn Grisham, director of Coca-Cola Systems. “Commodity water may seem the same as a higher-priced product, but when compared to an enhanced water product in a highly graphic package, the consumer subconsciously makes a judgment call. When given the choice, they are much more likely to pay a few extra cents for the ease and reliability of what they perceive to be a better product.” brand.”

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