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Seven of Compass Design's designs are published in the Big Book of New Design Ideas, a full-color, 384-page, hardbound book edited by David E.

Pw 13302 Wtoc Schellbeer

Carter and published by HarperCollins. In addition to the August Schell beer label and carrier design (shown), the other designs included are for Better Crocker Caramel Apple Bars (General Mills), Gedney Sweet Relish, Hotdog Relish, and Dill Relish, The Kemps Fat Free, Small Curd, and 2% Cottage Cheese, The NorthAire Market's Blue and Wildberry and Orange Cranberry Chilled, Mushroom Beef, Mashed Potato, Chicken Wild Rice, Creamy Broccoli, and Tuscan Tomato Kitchen Dancer Soups.

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